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Having a website that looks great is important, but it’s insignificant if your potential customers cannot find your website. If search engines don’t display your pages high in search results, then you are at a competitive disadvantage. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. Generating great organic SEO rankings is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic, since you don’t have to keep paying for PPC ads to generate traffic to your website. Paying for premium ad space on top of search engine result pages (SERPs) can get very expensive very quickly.

As an organic SEO specialist, my focus is to optimize your website and provide the best setup to help you rank highly in SERPs. No dodgy activities or gimmicks that give you short term bumps in search rankings and get your site penalized further down the road. I adhere to the best practices and standards outlined by Google.

SEO Audit

The first step in creating a successful SEO initiative is to provide a comprehensive audit of your website. This not only helps establish a benchmark to compare future results against, but it also helps identify exactly which areas of your website need to be addressed. I identify all the fundamental SEO deficiencies within your website and provide a game plan to address all the issues that have been uncovered. Another big part of an SEO audit is to identify any issues that may be causing search penalties and hindering better website rankings. I will also convey other SEO initiative that I feel would be beneficial to your overall marketing strategy.

Organic SEO Initiatives

Organic search engine optimization is very powerful (it is my primary area of focus for SEO clients.) While it takes time and effort to build organic search rankings, a website will benefit greatly once it has achieved better placement in SERPs. Successful SEO improvements, in combination with a few other factors, usually lead to decreased bounce rates, increased traffic, better conversion rates, and more external links pointing back to your website. All of this helps improve your reputation with search engines, which translates to even better search rankings.

Content Marketing

Search engines update their algorithms frequently to improve the quality of search results they return. Displaying web pages that are more relevant to the search term that a user inputs creates a better overall search experience. Creating meaningful original content that provides something of value is the central focus of content development and continues to be a fundamental ranking metric of search algorithms. A steady stream of relevant content will improve your website's organic SEO performance. It will also encourage others to share your content – which is another important metric that search algorithms evaluate.

Performance Analysis

Proper analysis of your website's SEO performance can help improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Reliable tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console provide actionable data that help reveal the areas of your website that need improvement. These portals store critical data such as broken links in your content, demographics of your visitors, further recommendations from Google, search phrases your website shows up for, and a lot more. I will use these and other tools to analyze performance and provide recommendations on how to further improve your search results.

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